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EliteMingle.com is the world's largest dating site that caters to single millionaires, successful singles, CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, models, celebrities, and other attractive singles. The site promotes serious relationships and bans gold diggers who are looking for no-strings-attached sugar daddy relationships and arrangements. If you are looking for marriage-minded quality singles, this is the best dating site for you!

As the world's leading dating site for elite singles, it is our commission to make online dating an enjoyable experience for you and ensure that your privacy and safety are well-protected. You are in full control who can view your profile and send messages to you. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, simply block his or her profile, then he or she won't be able to approach you again.

Most of our members are well-educated and successful in career. You will not meet losers on our site. We understand that you work out regularly to stay in good shape, keep learning to maintain your level of intelligence, enjoy traveling, good wine, and all the finer things that life has to offer. It would be great if you can find someone equal to do things together and enjoy good company.

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Dating Tips

What Are Elite Singles?

Elite singles are usually well-educated busy professionals who are financially stable and live a comfortable life. Many of them are very rich but being rich doesn't necessarily make dating a lot easier.

Why Choose An Elite Dating Site Over Mainstream Dating Sites?

Elite dating site caters to elite singles only. There might be few people in your area on an elite dating site but finding a date is totally different from finding customers for your business, so you should value quality over quantity.

Are There Any Free Dating Sites for Elite Singles?

The answer is no. Elite dating sites usually charge higher rates than mainstream dating sites but it's still affordable and worthwhile. You can hardly get any responses and interests if you are not a paying member. Many features are limited to premium members only. Elite dating sites are not for you if you can't afford a $70 monthly fee.